Knowledge Means Empowerment

Documented art history identifies many renowned artists whom today are considered instrumental masterminds for their intelligence and abilities. Yet in the earlier days of fine art discoveries with some isolated incidences, formation of negative ideologies relating to ‘life as an artist’ transgressed. Tragically in today’s society many of these remain at large through profound human ignorance.

Many believe being a full-time artist remains a fruitless path and should merely be left as hobby, not career. It’s astounding how many individuals have said to me…

Why bother you need to be dead to make money from it!

It requires minimal skill or knowledge to paint ‘realistic’ scenes
Art is emotional so it’s immoral associating it with monetary gains

Being an artist is for the uneducated – not smart enough for anything else

Many exhibitions display ‘dog’s breakfast’ pieces that don’t deserve acknowledgement – and you’re an artist…why???

Wish I could be like you and play like a kindergarten kid all day long instead of being a professional

You wouldn’t sell much surely – so what’s in it

You really shouldn’t when people can purchase cheap prints that look the same

That coupled with the transition of conventional business management to digital directorship, has sparked even greater flaws in relation to global marketing. To those unaware of these flaws, online product and service deliveries has detrimental impact. Such business ramifications may be repaired over time with years of re-structuring and re-branding, however, can cause liquidation. Best practice ‘set-up’ is recommended.

Technological pressures, platform algorithm hype, strategic marketing application inadequacies have become common place, while many claiming to be technology and marketing experts, inappropriately promote product branding through increasing numbers in accordance to algorithms only.

Here at JARMAN Fine Art & Marketing Solutions, we are tertiary educated and motivated professionals, so know first hand the differences between ignorance and intellectual empowerment.

It’s seriously time to abolish ridiculous ideologies regarding both fine art and business efficacy. We aim to provide not only business and marketing education – but show you how to use fine art practices and knowledge to ’empower’ yourself and career.

The extraordinary skills, techniques and knowledge required to accomplish a full-time career in fine art is mammoth. Theoretical principles and understanding inclusive of physics – light spectrum, light source – direct, reflections and refractions, distinguishing shadow types, motion and dynamics of environmental subject matter, atmospheric/vanishing point perspectives. Colour mixing – correct tonal values and variations achieving perspective, compositional elements, plus much more, occurs over extended periods of time through persistence, perseverance and self education.

Armed with extensive Fine Art knowledge and capabilities alone, is an accomplishment to be proud of! Never underestimate YOUR capabilities, societal value, beneficial and viable position within the shareholders world.

The distained attitude toward aligning fine art with monetary gain, because ‘painting’ is an ’emotive’ experience is present. Yes – art does elicit comfort, joy and peace through reconstructing cherished moments in time of loved ones, fond memories, breath taking scenes of a nature at its peak. Painting gives rise to a magnificent harmonious world filled with endorphins that does enrich people’s lives. And yes – the fact remains – being a fine artist is the chosen career of dedicated, passionate, creative minded and vastly educated humans – that deserve an income without shame. 

When professional artists develop a mutually exclusive system of emotional and rational cognitions. This allows the free flow of great emotion, respecting the undisputed power fine art creates within people. We are able to demonstrate our explicit passion and love for everything we stand for, depict that in our paintings and the entirety of what our art represents. There is also no harm admitting painting provides sanity (not only to the artist – for art connoisseurs) within a turbulent, on many occasions an unkind, displaced world at the hands of human manipulation and greed.

In contrast our rational cognitive state allows us to accept and utilise intellectual capabilities. Not only to create, but access all available tools necessary to expose our gift. Having fine art identified for all it is worth to benefit many spiritually / emotionally, while financially enabling ourselves to thrive in diverse equilibrium.

Knowledge gives rise to an empowering mindset – never to be underestimated.

Organising these facts and processes correctly, incorporating them in particular sequences within a business plan/model are the beginnings of fruitful and exemplary fine art sales and marketing. 

The business marketing bundles available are comprehensive, up to date and fine art specific to assist you in selling your original masterpieces for what they worth – and do not underrate your worth!

Currently there are three bundles available.