As fine artist we have been graced with a more than beautiful gift that is worth major exposure and recognition. In the current economic climate large influencing corporate bodies are limiting financial sponsorship, in ways it was previously accessed. Fine art products are expensive, business overheads maybe at large and shipping paintings professionally – fully insured once sold can be exuberantly priced. So for sole traders this may render difficult.

To ensure moving beyond survival mode as an artist, one needs to comprehend and apply multiple paradigms incorporating fine art and business knowledge compatibly. To complicate the issue further, appealing to the emotive aspect of fine art and the life of an artist, is also necessary to be demonstrated. When strategically constructed these components provide powerful mediums to achieved desired results.

With adequate education we arm ourselves with the confidence to take on vast complexities. With determination we, as fine artists have the ability to take full ownership and accomplish exactly what we set out to achieve. 

Are you confident?

Are you armed with fine art knowledge and ability?

Do you know how to entwine business rationales and the emotive power of fine art in the right sequences?

Can you empower yourself to push boundaries opening more doors?

Feel like some help taking ownership?